Thursday, March 31, 2016

Author’s Purpose

  • I can describe how to identify author’s purpose.

  • I can describe the language used by authors to achieve their purpose.

What are the 3 main purposes of a text?
What do I need to ask myself when trying to identify this type of  author’s purpose?
What type of language might I find in a text with this purpose?
1.that richie mccaw wants a flag change.

What is the author's purpose
persuasive because the language in the Text
-that it was used in alot of situations
-that its iconic to us
-that its got the union jack on it
2.that the fridge stinks

What is the author's purpose
Entertaining because the type of language
-that it was funny
-they were tying to entertain there audiance
-it was based for the litle kids
3.that she is a lot more fit than the average 13 year olds

What is the author's purpose
persuasive because of the type of language
-that she is more fit then any other kid her age
-that you can do more if you try
-your better then what you think

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