Thursday, September 24, 2015

Term 3 reflection

                                                      STUFF I FOUND FUN

This is my term 3 reflection on koru games. Koru games my whole team came 6th out of 24 teams that was a really big!! Achievement.

This is my term 3 reflection on winter sport. Winter sport my whole team came 1st in the tourtiment it was very hard we did it.

This is my term 3 reflection on writhing. Writing we had to do these arguments my argument was about why football boots are over priced I really enjoyed it.

                                                   STUFF I FOUND DIFFICULT

This is my term 3 reflection on maths. Maths it was so hard we had to do things like long division interpect vectors and suff like that it was so difficult.

This is my term 3 reflection on home learning. Home learning it was sooooo........ Boring no body liked it, it was the same thing every week it was soooooo........ Boring.

This is my term 3 reflection on reading. Reading all we had to do was the same. Thing over and over again it was soooooo........... Boring like up 👆👆👆👆👆 there in home learning.
                                    1 THING IM GOING TO DO BETTER IS MY

Maths because my career is to be a builder and most of the time is maths so I think I should get better now then later.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Koru Games

over the past 3 days the year 7/8 have been going to Lincoln for Koru Games tournament i did Football out
of Football,Touch,Basketball and Netball. on the 2nd day i really hurt my archilies and i still don't know what i did to hurt Football we lost non of our games but when we were in the semi finals we lost 2 of our games and won 1 of them so overall we only lost 2 games and we came 6th out of 24 teams so we are all proud of our team work.

My goal for next time is to try even more then what i did this year and try and come first.

1 thing that i will remember is my fail penalty in our last game and we lost from mine and toms penalty.