Friday, September 2, 2016

The water cycle

The water cycle describes how earth’s water is not only changing forms but also moving on,
above and in the earth. This process is always happening all the time all around us.

Evaporation is When water on earth eg: lakes, rivers and the ocean is heated by the sun then from liquid to gas, and the hotter it is the more evaporation happens. Evaporation is happening around us and we can't see it. After the water has finished evaporating then it starts to condense.

When the water vapor has risen into sky then it cools significantly when it comes into contact with the cooler found up higher. If the water vapor cools to anything above zero degrees centigrade, it will condense as water. If perspiration occurs in conditions which are particularly cold or have very low air pressure then these water droplets can freeze. After precipitation it starts to fall and turn into runoff.

After the water has fallen and the soil has became saturated or the snow has melted the water follows gravity and falls down any hills. The direction in which the water is known as streamflow. When more snow falls then evaporation or sublimates will compact densely to form what are know as ice caps. Due to the amount of water stored in snow or ice sudden increase or heat can lead to flooding.

The water cycle is an continues cycle and it never started and it never ends.

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